Why people should go for dmbiz ?

A business is successful when people come to know about it. Especially for small businesses starting to make a foray into the market, it is very important that they invest their marketing budget in places from where the returns are going to be higher. In such a situation Dmbiz is the perfect place where newbie business can get in touch with their target audience.

Why Listing and advertise with Dmbiz ?


Map, premium and featured based listing’s

Normally most search listing websites give the consumer the chance to search as per a particular city. That is where Dmbiz proves helpful and you can search for locality-based services and even small businesses can take advantage of this. The ability to select premium and featured based listings gives you the option to get a better reach with your customers. Both the categories are placed in a manner which ensures immediate visibility to your brand or service.


When an advertiser joins or website and places his ad he just does not get this benefit. The ad is also accompanied by services like Booking form, promo video, Event counter etc. These additional services make it simple for consumers to link with you hence increasing the visibility for your company.

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Blank mock up of vertical poster billboard sign with copy space for your text message or content in modern shopping mall. Blank mock up of vertical street poster billboard department store background.

Types of ads

We do understand that each business allocates a special amount of money for its marketing efforts. Hence we have created a separate set of ads depending upon the amount you would like to invest in. Not only that you can choose an ad with specific positions as each has its own share of benefits when it comes to grabbing attention.

Paid event promotions

Supposing you are holding an event and want to get more people to participate in it. In that case, you can sign up with our event promotions program and derive maximum benefit. You can choose to target the ad as per a specific location of people as well and even get it promoted on Social media.

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Revenue sharing event promotion

On the other hand if the event that you want to promote is more of a family event then we have a package for that as well. With our revenue sharing event promotion, you can get your event marketed in all social media channels and thus ensure more people get to know about it.

Real estate Promotion

If you want your property to be advertised with us then we ensure its promotion and marketing on all digital platforms possible. You can also provide us with videos and photos of your property and we will place them in strategic locations where they are noticed.

Villa house model, key and drawing on retro desktop (real estate sale concept)


At Dmbiz you get the benefit of SEO and that really benefits your business in multiple ways. You can choose your package and get SEO advantages as part of the deal without any worries of entrusting the task to someone else.

Social Media Marketing

Apart from SEO even Social media marketing is a giant that has had vast implications on a business’s working. As part of our Social media package, you can be assured that a social media strategy is in place and your brand gets in touch with the kind of target audience you are aiming to get.

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For people who are just venturing out into establishing a new business the idea of advertising is curtailed because of the heavy costs involved. However, with Dmbiz even low budget individuals can bring their brand in knowledge by choosing a package with the additional features.

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