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Dmbiz.co.in is a brand of DM Consulting India Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001:2015 company), its business is ideally created to local populace small or medium businesses especially. We offer “free listing” services in our digital directory from small businesses to large with our digital enquiry form.

Our motto is to help business connect with people and serve users with genuine, quick and extensive information with no charges.

Dmbiz.co.in is a brand of DM consulting Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001:2015 company), created with the aim of getting small or medium businesses recognized and help them connect with respective audiences through our digital directory. We are transitioning the mere internet yellowpage directory and helping individuals to be associated with their potential customer who could just be a click away.


We aid businesses to get in touch with users by adding their genuine information on our local digital listing. This highlights your business and helps in gaining the trust of your respective targeted audience. We provide details to the users who are searching for relevant providers of services by making it effective with Search Engine Optimization. We supply other services as well which includes promotional facilities, web design & web development and much more.


Our slogan says “e-connecting together” and we try to give justice to the words with putting in all our efforts every day. It is our motto to connect businesses with people and deliver genuine, quick and complete information to the users with no charges.

Dmbiz assists businesses to sell their services through listing them in Dmbiz database which delivers information to users who are looking for relevant providers of products. The services we offer focus on making your everyday task convenient and attainable for the users. We supply numerous promotional strategies to get you the target audience and get tie-ups with partners. We also give special promotions on various products like redeemable vouchers & discount, web design & web development, computer systems, UPS, CCTV, Accounts/Payroll/HR, outsourcing etc. Dmbiz.co.in does not just help your business to get noticed but, brings you numerous deals and offerings too. We aim to connect businesses to common user at a large online platform.

Our Featured Services:

  • New e-services to many unskilled businesses to promote their business.
  • Social Media promotions and recognitions
  • Aid to retain their respective trusted customers by adopting new technologies
  • Helps in getting locally recognized
  • Give out numerous opportunities to unemployed youth
  • Cost effective & transparent business transactions
  • Providing plentiful discount & redeemable vouchers through digital campaign.

Key Features:

  • Efficient GPS feature to locate
  • Spread across the whole country
  • Skilled management team
  • Progressive and ascendable platform of technology

DMBIZ Benefits

A lot of people are not aware that it is not difficult to increase the probability of alluring your potential customers through right digital strategies. It does mean that your next customer could be just a click away.

There are numerous ways one could achieve in getting your brand/business recognized either by paid advertisements or organic search listing. There’s one more efficient way i.e. free listing on local directories. This is ideally developed for the small and medium businesses to be associated with the users through adding authentic information on the local digital listing. It is basically like a digital yellow page internet directory. The listing is made up by the data consisting of the type of the business, contact details and their address.

Get Noticed

A correctly listed business with precise details and suitable description of the firm visible to specific area has effective advantages. If you want to highlight your business to a higher level, then free listing is an advantage in brand building especially for budding firms and small businesses. Local digital directory is one of best way to advertise your products locally. Advertising can be considered a real productive way.

Business Name

Competition has increased at a high speed in the local market as well which makes it important for the individuals to have brand management who will help in image creating. Give your business name by enlisting it in an online top directory to create a name for your brand by just sending them name of your firm, contact details, address, pictures and other important information. Putting up your data in an online directory enhances your chance to get recognized and provides brand image that eventually helps in gaining trust of the respective clients.

Affordable Advertisement

If you are looking for cheap local advertising, then adding your business’s name in an online directory enquiry form is your best option. You can easily add your occupation or the services you provide in a local directory with small or no budget. In an inexpensive package, you get the best of it.

Target Your Audience

With the help of online local directory listing, one can be efficiently connected with targeted audiences and increase its reach to more clients. You will notice that these directories are compiled of various categories and you can listing yourself according to the unique services and products that you provide. This makes it more effective with Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) targeting on specific audience. If you happen to own a website then you can connect it with the local advertising advertisement and also put in a review. This helps in building your online presence and image, hence more clients.

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